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We are Peter and Eva, husband and wife, best friends and travel companions who left everything to travel by faith. Our feet were made to meet each other and to walk together, our heart to beat on the same dream. We both are crazy about travels and God so we decided to travel and to create this website to share those two passions, our tips, our discoveries, and our faith.

As we are traveling, we like to share our faith in God with people and to answer to the questions people we meet on the road can have about Him. However, we don’t consider ourselves as missionaries our religious people. We are not. We like to think that that we are just what God wants us to to be in this world: some light and some water for those who are walking in darkness and thirsty in their soul full of questions. Saying so, I hope others will simply go on the road and speak about this Great God who loves us so much.



I started to travel when I was 23. I had no travel experience, but a huge desire to discover the world from childhood. I started a blog called Jemarcheverslest and got some followers from all over the world. I wanted to discover myself and the world around me. I met extraordinary human beings who became my friends and my eyes had been fulfilled with the beauty of the earth. But my greatest encounter is God. He fulfilled my heart like nobody before Him. I was reading the Bible every single day of my trip and this part of my life is one of the brightest. I came back transformed and sure about three things: God is real, He is good and He deserves my attention. So I went in a Biblical university where I learned more about God and the Bible, my new passion. After three years, I married Eva and got my diploma in a row. We are now traveling ever since. I am also passionate about planes (I want to become a pilot one day), photography and reading.



I’m passionate with the colors and with the road. That’s why I’m often changing color of my hair and spending half of my time travelling. Hiking, kayaking, cycling…and then I became crazy about hitchhiking. One day I’ve decided that it’s time to leave the borders of myself and of the country and left… I’ve spent the best year living in Belgium with a program Au-pair and meanwhile hitchhiking around Europe. 22 countries were crossed. Around 40 000 km hitched and what is the most important, that during that year I’ve met my husband=)


A flat on a roof, Brussels, Winter.

Pierre: During my studies, I was living in a small flat on the roof of a building, in the Brussels’ center. The place was cool and really close from the school (situated in the same building), but I was living there alone. I was glad to spend time to know more about God and the Bible but in the same time I also wanted to meet a girl ready for long term traveling and to start a family. There were some girls I was friend with, but none of them had that crazy special thing my heart was looking for. This frustrated but I choose to trust God. After all, He know me better than myself. But after spending there three years, I started to be angry – Obviously, God didn’t want to answer to my prayers. That night, tired and angry, I started to say to God everything I had on my heart (which is actually the best way to pray). That night, I asked God to make that girl falls on my head in a way I could not miss her. I asked him to do it because I knew I could not spend my life alone. I said to Him: “You are God!  Make me meet this woman you want for me, a girl according to your heart and my heart!” I also gave Him a deadline: one week to give me an answer. Passed this time, I would accept His decision, no matter what. During next week nothing happen. I was living my normal life and planned to go to an exhibition a friend recommended me for the weekend.

Eva: Actually, my part of the story is more full on events=) I was living in Belgium for almost one year, traveling around, working, volunteering and not thinking about relationships. Yes, I was praying about my future husband from my 14, but I’ve never think about when and how. I trusted God in this question. But one winter night, I saw a dream. And the first thing I did when I woke up, is drawing a picture of boy and girl, smiling and holding hands. I don’t remember what was this dream about, but I knew the time and place where I should be to meet that man. Whole week I was looking on the picture and thinking that I’m just crazy… But in the end of the week, as I was going on that time and place I saw in the dream (I was going to an exhibition about Persecuted churches in the International Church of Brussels), I knew that I was going to meet my future husband. I remember, I was sitting there and thinking again “What am I doing here???” And then, he entered. He was a bit not in my style ;), but I knew that he was him. Such way we met. Like in fairy tale, but this was for real. And, as we found out later, I had that dream the night he prayed. So, as he likes to say, I am his answer :-)

Pierre: Three months after we first met, we traveled to Paris by hitchhiking and enjoyed walking in Montmartre, in the steps of Amelie Poulain. Our journey finished in a photobooth, in the Gare du Nord Station. I made my proposal inside and she said yes! We were so sure that God made us to meet one day to be together that we got married three months later (six months after our first meeting). We are traveling around the world ever since, helping people, sharing our faith in God and enjoying each moment of our life.



We are passionate about travel because traveling is a school. It taught us – and still teaches us! – that we grow when we are moving out from our comfort zone. It taught us that there are so many different people out there and that they all try to understand why they are on this planet. It taught us that the earth is beautiful and deserves that we leave our homes to discover it. Augustine once said: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” He could not be more right. We believe that we are created for more than staying in one place all our life. We want to cross lands, oceans and continents. So we decided that Travel will be our life.


We are christians. Each of us came to the faith in different way and now we fully give our lives to God. God – Who has created us, put togather and brought to the way, what we are doing now. He takes the main part in our hearts. He gave us love and we want to share it with another people. Don’t worry, we are not fanatics, we never impose. We respect people and their choises. But we always open to speak and to answer the questions.

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