Baptism on the Jordan River.

Baptism is really important step in person’s life.
Already long time as I became believer. Already long time as I wanted to be baptized (I wanted it to be my decision. I’ve been baptized after birth in Orthodox church in Ukraine, but it was not baptism by faith, but by tradition. Same with my husband)
And as I knew I want to do it, I knew, that it’s not yet a time. I had to wait.
Now I understand that God had for me, for us, another plan.And we followed it!
Even before starting dating we agreed with Pierre one day to go to Israel for the baptism. I knew that God wanted us t be there.

So after the wedding it was not big problem to decide where to go for honeymoon. We wanted our marriage same as our lives to be accompanied with God.

In Jerusalem

In Jerusalem. Before the trip.

Jordan River

River of Jordan, tiny one – everything what left from the huge river existing 2000 years ago. Border between two countries – Israel and Jordan lies along big part of this river. Mostly Known in world as a place of baptism of Jesus Crist. Lots of tourist coming to visit this river and for believers it is very important spiritual place.
There are couple places to visit the river from Israel and Jordan sides. We were visiting Baptism Site Kasser Al-Yahud which is from the Israel side.

Baptism story

Road to the river is not easy. There is no straight transport going there, only public bus, which stops 6 km from the river. Usually people ordering a taxi, but we decided to make a walk, like in the ancient times people were doing this road to be baptized. Desert around, some oasis on the way, temperature above 40C, burning sun and we….walking. It was not hot, it was inspiring!

On the way to Jordan River

On the way to Jordan River

The aria around river was reopened after the war 3-4 years ago. But it still military zone. Actually area is not opened, opened just one small road, where you cannot walk, only on transport. And mine fields all around. So last kilometer we made on the tour bus, which just agree to drop us to the place.

I was really worrying that there will be nobody to baptize us, as there is no church or something there, just river. But God took care about it, and He did it in amazing way!
First what we’ve heart coming close to the river was singing!
There was standing huge group, preparing to baptize. All of them were black skin and speaking quite interesting English. There were two pastors.

Baptism on Jordan River

As we found out after, it was a church from Papua New Guinea. Around 20-30 people were baptizing that day and a lot of people, who came to support.

And we joined them!
Honestly, it was the most blessing day for us and for them!
We met great people and we have a new family on the other side of the planet……
And we gonna visit them, for sure!

We were baptized together, in front of each other.

We were baptized together, in front of each other.

New happy family in Christ

New family in Christ

Just one more small miracle in the God’s plan=)


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