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Joshua Flexson

Joshua Flexson


I’m an entrepreneur, businessman, author and world traveler committed to fulfill my life, make my dreams come true and contribute in life to others to make this world a better place. I am passionate about flying and learning; I read a lot and always try to improve myself. In 2012, I crossed all European countries in a 4 months solo trip. I met a wonderful woman in March 2015 who became my wife, my best friend and business partner, in the end of June 2015. From July 2015 till today, we are traveling in Asia and developing our business online.

What you will learn with this ebook?

What is depression

Learn about this illness and discover how it affects the brain chemistry

What are the common signs or symptoms

Depression differs from person to person but still presents common signs and symptoms

Who is affected by depression

Read and discover the World Health Organization’s answer

Which factors contribute to depression

Discover the factors that can contribute to depression, according to research conducted by University of Michigan

Why people face depression

Understand which factors contribute to depression in both men and women

Understand and recognize your depression

Learn how to understand and recognize your depressed state with the information provided in this book

How to be positive and optimist

Because a positive mind is stronger than anything

12 practical steps to get rid of depression

Buy the book and get rid of depression thanks to these 12 practical steps


What I appreciate the most here is what it said: depression can be cured. And this can be done even without medication. This has been an eye opener. Rowie


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Review Joshua Flexon
Review Joshua Flexon

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Read Introduction

This book contains proven and effective steps and strategies on how to cop with depression through natural steps without any kind of medications.

Depression can be demoralizing and controls a lot of things in a person’s life apart from the feeling of being unhappy. It deprives you of enjoying your life; it clouds your sense of judgment; makes you feel lonely and worthless. There are many reasons why depression enters an individual’s life, which do not only pertain to the lack of happiness. The loss of a family member, friend, asset, or job, can trigger the sad feeling and if not controlled can lead to depression.

A depressed mind constantly mulls over past mistakes and dwells on negative thoughts. This is a feeling that makes you think there is no saving grace or light at the end of the tunnel. But it is not true! There is a way setting you free of your depression and leading you far from it.

The purpose of this book is to lead you step by step, to provide you advices and to do not leave you alone in your fight till you start to walk by yourself.

This book contains life experiences of those who have suffered from depression and how they were able to defeat it. By learning from them and putting in practice everything you learn, you will be on the way to get rid of your depression, build self-confidence, achieve self-worth and attain success.

Read 1st chapter of the book

Chapter 1: What is depression?

Depression is an illness that affects the brain which is caused by changes in the brain chemistry. It is described by some people as “living in a black or dark hole” or having a feeling of impending doom. According to research conducted by University of Michigan Depression Center, the factors that can contribute to depression, which is a serious illness, includes changes in hormone level, stress, medical conditions, genetics, life challenges or circumstances, and grief. Depression is one of the most common illnesses or disorders in the world. The World Health Organization, estimates that roughly one in five women and one in ten men are affected by depression in their lifetime.

Depression: A State of the Human Brain

Depression is an illness associated with the human brain which does not discriminate between male or female, young or old, white or black, educational level, financial status, social status or background. Depression is not an illness that an individual can easily snap out of, it cannot go away overnight, and it involves a step by step procedure or treatment that needs to be followed. Most people recover from depression quickly while some dwell in it for a long time. Depression differs from person to person but there are common signs and symptoms associated the illness which includes

The feeling of hopelessness and helplessness: when you feel you’ve run out of chances and there is nothing you can do to make things better or improve the situation.

Loss of interest in your daily activities: a gradual decrease in your interest in hobbies, games, sporting and social activities. When you lose the joy you derive from participating in these activities.

Change in weight and appetite: when there is a significant weight loss or gain in a month

Changes in sleep: waking up early in the morning or oversleeping

Easily angered or irritated: when you feel restless and agitated. You are easily angered and irritable at people’s actions or words.

Loss of strength and energy: acting sluggish and you feel too weak to carry out simple tasks.

Self-loathing: the feeling of not being good enough. When you criticize yourself and point out every bad thing or mistakes you’ve made.

The problem with concentration: inability to make simple decision or focus and being forgetful.

Physical pain complaints: when you experience series of physical pains like back pain, stomach pain, headache, muscle ache and so on.

Depression: 12 Practical Steps To Overcome Your Depression And Grow In Self-Confidence

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