As both of us hitch-hikers and have big background of hitching all over the Europe, we couldn’t stay away from it even during honeymoon. Our way was laying from the South of Israel ( Eilat) to North. Because of lack of time we didn’t manage see everything and Northern point of reaching was in Jordan River.



Hitching in Israel
Hitch-hiking in Israel is specific, but truly possible. There are couple main roads which crossing country and mainly from everywhere you can get to big cities. Middle time of waiting of the car – 45 min +/-
Hitchwiki is giving the advice to hitch “pointing to the ground with the pointing finger far from the body, instead of raising a thumb”. We honestly tried it – none car stopped. Usual hitchhiking sign of raising thumb works perfectly.


On the way to Dead See

Not all drivers speak English(especially Arabs)and it’s possible to meet Russian speaking drivers(Russians- main source of tourists) but all of them mostly open to communication and friendly. Anyway better to be careful of what you saying. Asking questions – no problems, they like to speak about the country and always-always curios why did you came in Israel.

Desert around the road

Desert around the road

Eventually you can hitch everywhere, but practically the best spots – bus stops. You have some shadow to hide, place for the car to stop and sometimes some shops where you can buy water if needed.


Anyway you should be aware of problems, which for sure gonna appear on the way

+ Hot weather . Most territory of the country is desert. That means terribly hot sun, no water around, very few shadows and some dangerous animals/insects which you may meet if go out from the road. During winter situation is a bit easier. So if you going to hitch-hike in Israel during spring-!summer! – autumn, you definitely need to be sure that you have hat or something to close you head ( we used towels in walking tour along the desert when we had to walk couple hours under the sun) and enough water not only for drinking, but also for making your clothes (hat) wet. If you are first time in such climate and not used to it, it’s survival need. You don’t know in which situations youmayfind yourself.







+ Dark time. Our recommendation is never ever to hitch-hike in a dark time in Israel. Count your time properly to get to people or your destination point BEFORE dark. Drivers during the night not stopping! At all! Even if you are standing under the light on the bus stop and showing signs of emergency. So you risk to spend a night just on the road and it’s really risky. Why? Read in chapter DANGER

Along the road

Along the road

Not exactly about Israel, but in general about hitch-hiking
+ Safety. Trust your intuition when you are stopping the car. Even if driver goes right way, if you don’t like him/her, don’t go in this car. It happened couple times when after just few words of drivel I felt so badly that were saying thank you to him and sending him away.
Intuition is the main rule of safeness in Hitch-hiking. God always protects and one of the way how He does it – through our intuition.
+ Health. Doesn’t matter where are you going and for how long, you should always have your own first aid kit. With medicines which you know (help you) and with medicines for emergency (twisted ankle, cuttings, burns and strong painkillers). Plus I always have also matches and tablets for fire in case of lost. Better to be ready than to suffer after.
















Ifyou have hitch-hiking experience, hitching in Israel will be for you just a bit more specific. If it be your first trips, it’s gonna become good school for practice thanks to open drivers and extreme conditions.

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