Our honeymoon lasted 1 full month. Two weeks we spent in Israel and next two – in Greece.
To Israel we came next day after our wedding and we were half alive/half zombie. Why? Because last 4 days before wedding(I came in Belgium 3 days before wedding) we were just running like crazy and only dreaming about sleeping. Married people will understand=)

More about crossing the border with Israel

Cute goat which is meeting us just before visa control. What were they trying to say??? =)

Cute goat which is meeting us just before visa control. What were they trying to say??? =)

So finally, wedding passed and we went to our honeymoon. Plane landed in Tel-Aviv but it was not the last our point and we needed to get to bus station. Israel doesn’t have country train system and all between cities connections are made by buses (except Jerusalem-Tel-Aviv-airport).
Our first stop was Eilat. Small tourist city in the south of country. It is the only place where Israel had access to the Red sea and eventually it is one of the hottest places of country. From Tel-Aviv to Eilat 5 hours of bus(5 hours of perfect sleeping as you may understand).
Bus station placed not far from city center and it was blessing because at the midday with heavy bags in condition “full zombie” was hard to get to hotel.
Next 3 days we were sleeping=) all the time=)


We are friends=) Eilat – Yalta!

The city I found interesting…with nothing. It is just usual and typical tourist city and honestly our Ukrainian Crimea seems much more interesting. Perfect place for family rest with small children. But of course I couldn’t be even in a such calm place without adventures.

One of the attractions of this city(except red see) is an airport. I think all have heart about famous Maho Beach at Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten where planes landing just over your beach. Airport in Eilat is not much difference, planes landing over you just a bit higher. I found out it on second evening, when I went for a walk to the see(till my beloved was still sleeping like a hamster)  and heart terrible loud sound over me. Knowing that country still sometimes have terrorist attacks after war,  I just felt on a ground clothing my head with hands and being ready to run. ….next 5-10 minutes it was laughing of all around who’ve seen all situation ( me including=))
Planes was a surprise, which Pierre was preparing to show me next day.  Grrrr=)

Second attraction – see. Red see which opens beautiful underwater world for those who want to dive or just to swim with a pipe. And it’s all great if you don’t afraid of cold water. In general it’s not so cold, around 18-20C but when temperature of air around 40C water seems freezing. I’m very sensitive to cold, so only once Pierre succeed to get me in water and after 20 mins of pipe diving I got out with attractive blue lips(just like my eyes) and shaking hands.



After Eilat we decided to start officially our hitch-hiking trip and to move further only that way.
How was hitch-hiking there you can read here
To the Dead see we came just at the midnight. Empty place, the road fully blocked near enter and only couple buildings of the Youth Hostel on another side of blocked rode.
Near the Dead See it’s not so many places to stay. In /// – place where we came there is only one hostel which you have to book in advance. Usually it’s full and quite expensive.

Youth hostel near dead see

Youth hostel near dead see

For this case we bought a tent in Eilat and decided to stay on the see cost.
3 years ago, when Pierre was here for the first time, existed beautiful resort just above the beach. With shadows, shops, showers and toilets and with people around. When we came this time(2015), place was just empty and half destroyed. No people, no water, no shops…nothing. As tourist were explaining – because road to this place closed on reconstruction.
And we were enjoying emptiness, enjoying each other and sun above. Pierre had to walk two times per day to hostel to take some water for drinking and washing after Dead see, all the rest time – it was time of exploring, long conversations, cooking on fire, swimming in hot salty see and sleeping in the shadow.
Problems what we had – no water and terribly hot sun. Yes we always had some water thanks to Pierre but it was not enough to wash fully the salt from our skin and after 3 days both of us had perfect scratching allergy on hands, and so it was a time to move further.
It’s pretty hard to stay there only with tent – it’s becoming oven hot inside and not giving good shadow. We had rescue house on the beach in shadow of which we were spending all day.



Next stop – Jerusalem.
This city didn’t stop to impress me from the first till the very last moments.
For couple days we stopped in Petros hostel, which perfectly placed in Old City near Bazar, Jafa’s gate and not far from Damascus Gate. From their roof opens amazing view on all city (but the quality of hostel doesn’t worth money for it) .
Jerusalem – is that rare nowadays city, which has city walls and gates – entries.  Old city – heart of Jerusalem divided on 4 main parts – Jewish, Muslim and Christian. From not so long ago exists Armenian part. Tourist just everywhere but locals not so often live not in their “original” quarter.

City walls

City walls


Jerusalem. Poor Muslim side of the city

Poor Muslim side of the city


Gaffa's Gates And part of Ukraine which is always with me

Gaffa’s Gates
And part of Ukraine which is always with me

First what falls in your eyes when you are just entering to the city – there are a lot of Muslims. Then, after couple minutes, you’re understanding that even more of Jews – especially orthodox one, in a warm long jackets, white shirts and big black hats. Their women also have to cover their hair, but to be different from Muslims, they are wearing mostly wigs. Same color, same long, same form. So it looks pretty strange from the side.
I’ve never seen them before….
And the end of composition – tourists all around. From all over the world, but mostly Russians. And soldiers everywhere.
Whom I almost haven’t seen around – it’s Christians. In one of the most important cities, where Jesus lived, died and rose, it’s hard to see Christians. They are lost and that made me sad.
But God sent on our way so many amazing people! Blessed, inspired and full of love, that we always knew – we are not alone.

With friends

With friends eating falafel – national food

People in Jerusalem can be constantly different.  I’m always looking on the acting of people in different countries and here is what felt in my eyes about this city

One week is not enough for Jerusalem. Even two – not enough. We were running from place to place trying to see as much as possible.
3 main things what you have to visit in Jerusalem

Baptized in Jordan river

Baptized in Jordan river

For our family this trip was not only touristic, but also spiritual. Long time ago, when we not even dated, in one of the conversations we found out that both of us thinking about baptizing. For me it was first time ( I was baptized after birth in orthodox church but I’m not counting it as a real baptizing by faith), Pierre been baptized at 12. He was young and made a lot of mistakes after it, so he was thinking of baptizing as real beginning of his new life. So then when we even not yet were dating, we agreed to go to Israel for baptizing. And so we did it, being already married. Here is how was it


Financial side of this trip

Our first part of honeymoon was pure of emotions, spiritual growing, bright sun and long conversations. We just started to open each other and to go deeply into the memories and feelings.
Last days we spent just with friends. Walking around, inspiring each other and praying.

And Greece were waiting for us!

We told you about what impressed us and what impressive things you met on your way around Israel?

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