We want to share about the church which welcomed us in India: The Shalom Cathedral of Hyderabad.

As we are traveling, we want to do three things:


  1. To share our faith with people we meet on the road by the God’s sovereign grace
  2. To meet our christian family (what a joy to meet hundred of brothers and sisters around the world!)
  3. To share with you our passion for traveling and give you the desire to go and do the same!
We had opportunity to do this when we came in Hyderabad.

The Church

Built in 1998 to seat over 300 people, Shalom Cathedral stands as a landmark in Kapra, a suburb of Hyderabad city. Started with a handful believers in December 1998, it has grown to 300+ congregation.
Shalom Cathedral is Undenominational Church. They think that Christianity, in the early Church’s beginning, was not adulterated, corrupted and perverted by the traditions and innovations of men (as a denominational system).
They much emphasis on the spiritual unity of all believers in Jesus who form the Body of Christ.

“ Not Undenominational Christianity
was sufficient then
as well as now. ”

Pastor K.E.W. Branham

The Church’s mission is :
  • For Christians: Leading them into the fullness of the Lord Jesus Christ by equipping and enabling them to demonstrate the credibility of Christian faith and character in word and deed.
  • For Non-Christians: Demonstrating the love of God [through various programs of Education, Health, Social Welfare, Rural Development and Poverty-alleviation] so that they may taste this love and accept Jesus Christ as their Personal Lord and Savior. They have many programs.


The George Mueller Children’s Home

The George Mueller Children’s Home is a child care facility started in February 2003. Named after George Mueller, a great man of faith, who in his life time established over 2,000 children’s homes and schools caring for 200,000 orphans and children in need.
GMCH helps orphans, semi-orphans and poor children with food, clothes, school needs-text books and note books, vocational guidance and job assistance to become self-reliant to lead successful Christian lives.
A monthly support of $30.00 helps a child per month. If you want to help, you can look here.

Indian child


The Church School

Started in June 2005 to help the children coming from very poor families in the neighborhood of Shalom Cathedral, this school has come to be known as “Church School”.
There are a couple of schools in the area which charge a fee of Indian Rupees 500.00 to 1,000.00 per month per child (7.5$ to 15$) which is equivalent to a week’s wages of their parents. Hence most of the parents do not like [or can’t afford] to send their children to these schools. If they are not helped, they will not receive any education, grow up as illiterates and end up as cheap daily wage labor in society. Hence they started the school. As of today, they have 250 children coming from 175 poor families.
A monthly support of $10.00 per month helps a child with education.

Shalom Health Mission

Health care has become so expensive and not in the reach of common man. They would like to have a Health Centre to take care of Children, Expectant and Nursing mothers and provide facilities for minor ailments.
They need a Gynaecologist and a Paediatrician to help.
They would like to have a Health Centre close to Shalom Cathedral so that people from the neighborhood and surrounding villages can come for basic health care.
Pastor Branham’s sons are studying medicine, committed their lives to become Pastors-cum-Medical Missionaries.
Fact: There is only 1 doctor for 25 000 patients in Rural India.
Here gonna be future clinic

Here gonna be future clinic

Shalom Center for Social Development

“Poverty, ignorance and sickness
forge some of the shackles to the spirit of man.”

Pastor K.E.W. Branham

K.E.W. Branham knows it: Life is more than food and the body more than clothing (Luke 12:23). And they firmly believe that “Fullness of Life” and “Fulfillment in Life” can be found only through a personal faith in Jesus Christ. But they also believe that – if they are to follow the teaching and example of the Lord Jesus Christ, they must share His love and concern to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, house the homeless and heal the sick.

“We believe that people
are neither soul-less stomachs
nor stomach-less souls.”

Pastor K.E.W. Branham


Dr. K.E.W. Branham Branham is a 57 year Missionary born of Christian parents. He holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work, Postgraduate Diploma in Training & Development and Doctorates in Social Work [Ph.D] and Theology [Th.D]. Married for 25 years with Mary, he is father of two sons: Onesimus (25) and Jabez (22). Both are studying medicine.
Note 1: A longer article about Branham and is family is coming.
Note 2: We are really impressed and encouraged with the social work of this christian community. We think it is a great and inspiring example for our european churches.
Note 3: It’s important for us to be honest, it happened sometimes that we were not agree with Branham on some theological questions. For example, we don’t believe that the born again christians should follow to the Old Testament laws to have a better relationship with God.
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