Before leaving to a big trip for a long time  in front of us appeared huge problem: none of us had Visa/MasterCard credit card so much needed for making internet-payment operation. So we had to open it and this is where adventures started.

First of all, our needs:

– Visa/MasterCard type of card (for internet operations)
– no need in credit opportunity or minimal amount of credit limit (we just not planning to use credit)
– opportunity to open account on two names and to have two card for one account (for managing family budget well)
– no or high limits(not less than 20 000 euro per year) for input on the card (we don’t want to make limits for ourselves 😉
– usability all around the world
– small fee for operations (or at least the smallest of possible)
– no condition about stable work or salary

Game started!

Trial № 1. Opening account in Ukrainian bank

MasterCard Ukraine

I (Eva) have a Visa card in Ukrainian bank for our currency (hryvna) and it’s not a big deal to open one more account in euro(dollar). We have really good banking system, less conditions for opening new card, more comfortable secure system, perfect online-banking and full orientation on customer. Sounds perfect, BUT (of course there is some but) Ukraine is not european country. That means each international transaction will go through SWIFT system and fee of it around 20 euro will be taken. We don’t want to lose 20 euro each time we want to get money on a card, so, as you can understand, it is not an option.

Trial № 2.Opening account in Belgian bank

ING Bank

Both of us tried to open visa/MasterCard account in Belgian bank. We tried in ING, BNP Paribas Fortis and KBC bank.
All of them for opening credit card even with minimal credit possibility (actually we don’t need it at all, we just need this type of card) only in condition that you have stable job with minimal 1000 euro regular salary, what’s for traveler is hard condition. Most of long term travelers don’t have it. So with Belgian bank idea didn’t work.

Trial № 3. Prepaid MasterCard card Veritas

Veritas card

Thanks God after some time of surfing in Internet we found that it exists prepaid MasterCard cards. That means you don’t have any credit opportunity on this cardand you don’t need stable work or salary, but you can put  money on it and use them (just like Maestro). Most important – it’s MasterCard, so you can do any internet operations with it. Perfect! Exactly what we need!
One of really good proposals was given by English organization Veritas. Good deals, described good service so we went on it.
In three words I can say “It didn’t work”
Here you can read about all our experience with making Veritas card and why you shouldn’t use their service.

Trial № 4. Prepaid card Viking

Viking card

After bad experience and lost money with Veritas we were much more careful in choosing next prepaid card. Time was already limiting.
From couple our friends we’ve heard about good working Belgian organization “Viking”. Trusting people we decided to try and for now on we stopped on it. It gives good opportunities (….), but still not the best of what we need (it is not possible to have two cards for one account, what for families is important and it has smallest possible amount to send on it – 50 euro. If less it is not possible). Not the best, but something. For now we are using this.

Trial № 5. Still in searches


For now that’s all. But we are still in the searches.

Travelers and visitors, recommend us please, which bank/organization/card you are using for your travels and life or which might be good and suitable for our desires.


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