To me, packing my bag is a challenge!

From one side, I have to do not take to much things however I would have a heavy and uncomfortable bag to carry everywhere (i.e.: bus, airport, cars if hitchhiking). From an other side, as my bag becomes my home on the road, I want to be sure I am not forgetting something which may be useful and needed on the way.

I do try to do not take to much with myself. Really. But, whatever I choose to take, my bag (Quechua Forclaz 70 Symbium 4) is always full rapidly, heavier than expected, with, still laying next to it on the floor, half of the items I planned to put in.
Here are the details of my packing. Enjoy!


1. My main bag: Forclaz 70 Symbium 4 (70 liters)






  • One pharmacy kit. Except if you have a good book to read and a lot of time to waste, the last place you want to be stuck in during a travel is the toilet. I took a pharmacy which contains a lot of medicines for pain, fever, stomach problems and material in case of emergency.
  • One survival kit. Anything can happen as we are traveling; we expect the good, but the worst is still an option. For this reason each time I’m traveling, I try to have one survival kit with myself. It contains the basic elements I would need in case of emergency: a solid knife, one para cord bracelet (with a whistle), one compass, fishing and sewing equipments, one firesteel and other useful tools.
  • Water Filter System. We are going to places where may not be clear water. That’s why we took a Water Filter System (Care Plus) and Aquaprove drops. This systems purifies the water which is not clean (till 375 000 liters) and drops are killing bacterias and viruses in the water (till 1000 liters).



As I travel, I want to use a really practical rule called “the rule of three”. It is simple: I’m wearing one clothe while I’m washing the second and the third is drying. I apply it for all my clothes. I took 3 socks, 3 pants, 3 t-shirts, 3 trousers, 3 shirts, 1 pyjama. I also took one water-windproof/breathable coat and 1 warm pullover.



There is nothing more important than sleeping enough while you are traveling! A bad night affects your emotions and exhausts your body. It is an important aspect for someone who travels without the comfort of hotel (as we are). I took one camping mattress and one sleeping bag. Bonus: My father presented to both of us a hamac. It will be very practical in the jungle, or when we will cross a beach.



The idea which is written on the paper becomes a plan. That’s why I planned to take couple notebooks with me:

  • 1 small Notebook for the contacts on the road
  • 1 small Notebook for expenses and earnings
  • 1 small Notebook to manage our time and projects

Do not take books with yourself, except if you need it (for work, i.e.) if you can avoid it. If you like to read you can find a good eReader on internet for not so much; it can contains not less than 500 hundreds books and still weight nothing. I’m actually right now looking for one.

Also there are really good applications for your smartphone:

For iPhone: Here
For Androïd: Here
For Windows Phone: Here



  • Board games. We took 2 board games to have fun during our free time.
  • Pack of 10L plastic bags. We find always useful to have some plastic bags with us when we are on the road. We can do so many things with it: i.e. packing clothes and liquids, for the garbage or the food.
  • Toilet paper. Really valuable when you are in the middle of nowhere.



2. My second bag: Lowepro Compudaypack (20 liters)



In my second bag, I have put all my electronic devices. It is really practical when I am going out in a city. I usually let my big bag in the hosting place and travel away with this one which is less heavy.



  • 1 mobile phone + charger
  • 1 laptop Toshiba + charger
  • 1 camera Pentax k20D + charger
  • 2 lenses (wide angle and 18-200mm)
  • 1 MP3 player + charger
  • 2 earphones
  • 1 Card reader
  • 1 external hard drive (500 GB)
  • 1 USB speaker
  • 1 USB flash card


3. My little black bag



Made to last, this little bag contents all important documents and wallet. It is solid, waterproof and is really practical as I can carry it under my coat. IMPORTANT: It only contains copies and not originals. So, if someone still it, it would be bad, but not catastrophic; I would still be able to manage.




  • Passport copy
  • Visa copy
  • ID card copy
  • Wallet with day amount of money


Your opinion

How do you think what else is important to take for a long term trip?

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